Angie Chapman

Angie paints abstract and expressionism in acrylic and mixed media.

This artist is number 4  on the Studio Tour map. She is a guest with Daniel Marlatt

Tour Location

250 Edwina Drive
Trent Lakes, Ontario

Edwina Drive is located approximately half way from Bobcaygeon to Buckhorn on Hwy 36

Artist Statement

Wabi Sabi is the main principle I utilize in painting and in life. There is ‘Perfection in Imperfection’. This is important to me as it makes me stay grounded and not worry too much about the results. Nothing in life is perfect so why should it be in art as well. When painting, if my work takes me down a different path in which I didn’t intend, I work with it as it adds a different layer, an element of surprise and interest. My paintings are at times based initially on a landscape or photo but in my own interpretation through colour and texture and movement. My paintings are highly textured and when seen up close an individual can see images emerging which adds interest.

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