Diane Reesor

Sentimental Cloth

Two and three dimensional works (visual poems) from textiles and artifacts that hold a memory. As well as mixed media, textile based, art from materials that find their way into my life and my studio.

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Tour Location

76 Bond St. East
Fenelon Falls, Ontario

Driving directions:   From C.R. 121/Colborne St., Bond St. E., third house on right past Clifton St.

Artist Statement

I grew up with strong connections to an Old Order Mennonite community, a culture of plain people who wasted nothing, and cherished everything. Doing patchwork, quilting, making clothes and creating fine needlework, although limited to household items, were valuable skills that were passed on from women to women. Handing down clothes, cutting down worn clothes, reusing the scraps to make quilts was a time honoured tradition. Working around worn spots and torn patterns was a challenge that I always enjoyed. Recycling has always been a way of life.

My grandfather, a harness maker of renown, taught me to sew with less traditional materials. The industrial sewing machines used needles the size of a fine knitting needle and thread that was string. He taught me how to make things that were outside the world of “women’s work”. He taught me to think about how things were made and the importance of good design and properly made patterns. He also taught the art of fine workmanship.

Having such a rich heritage on which draw, in the rushed world of today, has helped to keep me centered and connected. I want to pass the traditions on with my work.

Artist Contact

(705) 344-6214