Carol Nichol

Nichols Cove Studio

Carol enjoys the contrast of soft flowing watercolours and the strong form of sculpture.

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Tour Location

1291 County Road 36
Trent Lakes, Ontario K0A 1A0

Artist Statement

Creativity is our personal expression of how we see things or how we would like to bring forward something that is important to us. In our everyday living, everyone express their creativity. It expressed in music, in and on our food, in our homes, in our gardens,etc. The list is endless. It is good to stop and think about how we are creative.

Part of my everyday life, like many others, is to create beautiful moments. My focus for this writing is on painting and sculpture. A line in a painting or sculpture is so significant. A change of line can convey a mood or impact which is entirely different from the previous line. A sculpture is full of lines. Every time you change your position, there is another set of lines; another painting. It can be an exciting and pleasing to the observer.

Artist Contact

(704) 928-6955 (home)
(795) 928-6955 (cell)